Long Paths for Air Shipment & Land Transportation continued For more than 15 years providing Air Shipment and Cargo Services

We are currently based on experience developing and configuring our services and building a strong baise to become one of the leading transport companies operating in the field.

And we have built a reputation of trust and reliance in shipping and transport locally and internationally due to our professionalism

Long Paths services are focused on providing services and insuring a series of services to its customers in Saudi Arabia , Arabian Gulf and Arab countries a way to gain satisfaction and both high quality and efficient.
Long Paths consists of an efficient team staff and qualified to provide services to their customers in a way that get satisfaction, and the management team members have extensive experience in transportation and logistics.

Our services: air freight-transportation-logistics

Our services consist in the following:

  • Meet the expectations of our customers in freight service in a quality and high efficiency based on long experience and continuous shipping and transport services.
  • Credibility and Punctuality and meeting the requirements at reasonable costs and prices suitable for all parties.
  • Specialize in transporting all types of goods, whether food or medications (frozen, refrigerated and dry) or structural materials or raw materials for manufacturing or cargo be loaded in containers or baling or bulk orders or Jumbo bags. Etc.

  • Provide our services from – to all the cities of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf countries and Arabic countries in the form of full loads.

  • All materials and supplies are allowed to trade and transfer unless they pose a danger to life in general or on a particular environment and commitment to all of the terms used.

  • Provide the unites as required and approved by the client’s on time and provide sufficient numbers of tankers equipped with curtain-type trucks, containers ,flat , dyina , Lory and lobid or other requirements as fastening cargo legislation, it is the responsibility of the shipper and the client loading cargo or download and discharged with professionalism in the shortest possible period of time from the moment of arrival of units. Customer or his representative delegate a contract/Bill of lading as well as cargo delivery documents to be essentially paying fares previously agreed.

  •  Facilitate hiring brokers with extensive experience in the field of customs clearance difficulties and to satisfy our customers in all land ports and good coordination to guarantee the exit or entry of cargo containers as soon as possible at the lowest cost.

  •  It is well known that the price fixing requires get all detailed information about portables ranging from the weight of the load and transport distance and time of download or download the required cooling temperature and coverage quote or without insurance, and the sensitivity and value of the cargo through the value of the cargo and packing method. and so on..until of elements that enter directly in determining transport costs.

  •  currently providing comprehensive insurance for all vehicles and cargo against road hazards as well as insurance against thefts. In other words the customer loads in safe hands, note that not all insurance articles or adopted only after hiring a shipper and include it in a bill of lading under the contract or shipping rates based on the agreed contract.

  •  Provide our services to all without discrimination mentioned. And of course seek to build strategic partnerships with companies that have significant business volumes and provide advice and counsel them to get more economic means of providing cargo transportation services.

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